BeMobile | Double airtime on every recharge.

BeMobile’s mobile offering provides more airtime for you money.  Receive double airtime every time you recharge.

Buy R100 airtime and we give you 100 tokens to buy another R100 airtime.

Your tokens never expire or become less, use it when you need it..

No frills, no adverts, no out-of-bundle fees, and no gimmicks. All data is valid for 30 days.

BeMobile is a Sim-only deal that provides double airtime on each recharge.

  • Month to month.
  • Pay a recurring R45 per month to receive your double airtime.
  • Cancel recurring payment when you want to,

Port your old mobile number for free or get a new 064 mobile number.  Porting takes 2 to 3 weeks between networks.  Receive an SMS on your old sim, when you need to exchange sims.

No frills, no Gimmicks. No out-of bundle fees.  All data is valid for 30 days.  No hidden tariffs or confusing pricing. Just buy airtime and we give you double every time.



BeMobile also offers other rewards that can be used as free airtime.

Select More Rewards below for more information.

BeMobile Loyalty Club Options

Recurring Loyalty fee per month. Cancel at any time.R45
Rewards on Airtime
& data purchase
100% Cash back
R100 spend, gets you 100 tokens. 100 tokens gets you R100 airtime.
Other RewardsYes, see Rewards page for more information
Swap Cash Back for ElectricityYes
100 tokens gets you R40 electricity
Swap Cash back for Real CashYes
100 tokens gets you R40 cash
Does Cash Back ever expire?No
Out of Bundle feesNone
Mobile SimFull Cell C network *
Roaming with MTN
Three-in-one Sim
Keep your existing number.
Port for free
Payments for airtime and other purchases.Debit & credit cards*
Group Sim cards for SMME's
and Families
Project UBUJoin the and earn free daily tokens which can be exchanged for BeMobile airtime. See Project UBU tab to register for free.
* See FAQ'a and T&C for more information

Airtime and data rates using your free cash back.

 AirtimeData 100MBData 300MBData 500MBData 1GBData 2GB
No double airtimeR1.79 / minR30.00 or
R90.00 or
R105.00 or
R179.00 or
R350.00 or
BeMobile Double airtime

89.5c / min

R15.00 or
R45.00 or
R52.50 or
R89.50 or
R175.00 or

Receive double airtime every time you top up.

Buy R50 airtime, and get another 50 tokens to buy R50 airtime. R50 airtime onto your phone and 50 tokens into your wallet

Buy R100 airtime, and get another 100 tokens to buy R100 airtime. R100 airtime onto your phone and 100 tokens into your wallet

Use your tokens to buy airtime whenever you want.

Tokens never expire or become less.

BeMobile offers mobile phones with a 24-month term. So instead of the traditional monthly airtime, we provide a lump sum of cash back.  Manage this cash back over the period of the contract or top it up, now and then.

For example, some phones come with R10,000 cash back.  If you use R358 of this every month, it will be enough for 100 minutes and 1GB, every month for 28 months. Great for parents who would like to manage airtime usage.

We will also be adding low-cost smartphones in the near future.

As a loyalty club member, you can still purchase airtime, and receive 100% cash back on this and all online purchases.

BeMobile is working closely with ProjectUBU to provide free mobile data to millions of users.

Register with Project UBU and start earning daily UBU’s, to use to get airtime for free.

     How to Register for

  1. Go to the following link to register 
  2. Type in your phone number in the +27 format (leave out the 0 in your cellphone number and just add the last 9 digits. For example +27645828534)  
  3. Create a 6-digit password and click ‘register’
  4. Enter in the OTP that was SMS’d to you
  5. Ensure that the referral code (+27645828534) is entered
  6. Click on the ‘Create account’
  7. Update your profile and add your e-mail if you have one.

  How to search for BeMobile and then get more airtime.

  1. Enter your profile on the
  2. Select “DEALS” on the top bar, then scroll down till you find BeMobile
  3. Select “Today’s Deals’ and scroll till you find BeMobile
  4. Search in the search bar for store “bemobile”
  5. Select the deal you would like.
  6. Select “Get Deal”
  7. Select “Confirm”
  8. Wait for airtime to be loaded onto your phone.

How do I pay for my subscriptions and airtime?

When you register with BeMobile for the first time, you will need to provide credit or debit card details.  This confidential information stays on your profile until it has been changed or deleted

To reorder more airtime

  • Log on to your profile via the app or site
  • Select the amount of airtime you need.
  • Select your preloaded card information.
  • Airtime is transferred to your phone.
  • Rewards tokens transferred to your e-wallet

To pay for your monthly subscriptions.

  • The monthly subscription is R45, and for this, you get to save on your mobile expenses.
  • There is no contract, just a monthly recurring deduction.
  • Your recurring subscriptions will continue to be automatically deducted from your card until you decide to cancel the subscription.  No notice is required when canceling the subscription.

How do I pay my outstanding subscriptions?

If your subscriptions are outstanding, you can still buy airtime and use your phone. You will still accumulate rewards onto your wallet account, but you cannot use the rewards until all your subscriptions are up to date.

How to put data on my phone?

  1. Buy airtime or exchange your tokens into airtime.
  2. Select *140# and dial.
  3. Select option 2 to convert airtime to data.
  4. Select the data package option.  Only options for which you have airtime available will reflect.  In other words, if you don’t have enough to buy any data bundle, then none will be made available to you.
  5. All data is valid for 30 days.

How to use your reward tokens?

Log onto your e-wallet to review your reward tokens.

  • Transfer tokens from your e-wallet into airtime.  100 tokens = R100 airtime
  • Transfer tokens from your e-wallet into electricity 250 tokens = R100 airtime

How do I save on my prepaid airtime?

BeMobile brings you a loyalty program with rewards that can be exchanged into airtime.

These rewards are not 50c per R100 spend like what some retailers offer, but up to R100 for every R100.

  • Buy an R400 bus ticket and we will give you up to 200 tokens.
  • Buy an R100 pizza and we will give you a reward of 100 tokens.
  • Buy R100 and we give you another 100 tokens.

Use all the tokens as airtime and you have R600 worth of airtime, which you only paid R100 for.

Select here for the sim card that provides free rewards and lower mobile costs.