BeMobile | Double prepaid airtime, everytime.

BeMobile’s deal provides more airtime for pre-paid users.

Receive unlimited double airtime on every top-up, for life.

  • Buy R100 airtime and you receive R200.00 airtime.
  • Buy R10 airtime and you receive R20.00 airtime.

Receive free airtime when you purchase from participating vendors

  • Buy a Debonair R100 voucher and receive free R100 airtime.
  • More vendors to join

Other great things

  • No frills, no adverts, and no gimmicks.
  • All data is valid for 30 days.
  • Free porting, so keep your old number

BeMobile provides a Sim-only deal that offers pre-paid users low mobile data rates

  • Pay a recurring R45 per month to receive your double airtime.
  • Cancel recurring payment when you want to,

Port your old mobile number for free.  Porting takes 2 to 3 weeks between networks.  Receive an SMS on your old sim, when you need to exchange sims.



BeMobile offers other rewards that can be used as free airtime.

  • Your monthly R45 allows you to receive these free rewards.
  • Whatever you buy a Pizza voucher through us, we will rewards with the same amount in free airtime..

Current PromotionFree subscriptions and free R50 airtime every month for three months. Value R285.00. Promotion only for ported numbers..
Monthly Recurring Loyalty fee.This monthly R45 get you doouble airtime and free rewards. If you spend more than R100 on prepaid airtime, this deal will save you money.
Double AirtimeReceive double airtime on every recharge
Other Rewards.Receive free airtime on every voucher for Debonairs Pizza purchase. You dont need to buy airtime if you buy Debonairs.
NetworkCell C with roaming on Vodacom
PortingFree Porting
CancellationNo Debit orders, cancel your recurring deduction anytime
How do I payPay through debit or credit card. Only through BeMobile's website.
DeliveryDelivery through Pargo, to one of ther 2500 national Pick up points.

AirtimeData 100MBData 300MBData 500MBData 1GBData 2GB
No double airtimeR1.79 / minR30.00 or 30c/MBR90.00 or 30c/MBR105.00 or 21c/MBR179.00 or 17.9c/MBR350.00 or 17.5c/MB
BeMobile Double airtime89.5c / minR15.00 or 15c/MBR45.00 or 15c/MBR52.50 or 10.5c/MBR89.50 or 8.95c/MBR175.00 or 8.75c/MB

How do I pay for my subscriptions and airtime?

When you register with BeMobile for the first time, you will need to provide credit or debit card details.  This confidential information stays on your profile until it has been changed or deleted

To reorder more airtime

  • Log on to your profile via the app or site
  • Select the amount of airtime you need.
  • Select your preloaded card information.
  • Airtime is transferred to your phone.

To pay for your monthly subscriptions.

  • The monthly subscription is R45, and for this, you get to save on your mobile expenses.
  • There is no contract, just a monthly recurring deduction.
  • Your recurring subscriptions will continue to be automatically deducted from your card until you decide to cancel the subscription.  No notice is required when canceling the subscription.

How do I pay my outstanding subscriptions?

If your subscriptions are outstanding, you can still use your phone, but you will not be able to buy the double airtime deals.

How to put data on my phone?

  1. Buy airtime or exchange your tokens into airtime.
  2. Select *140# and dial.
  3. Select the data package option.  Only options for which you have airtime available will reflect.  In other words, if you don’t have enough to buy any data bundle, then none will be made available to you.
  4. All data is valid for 30 days.

Select here for the sim card that provides free rewards and lower mobile costs.