BeMobile | The secret to unlimited rewards that reduces mobile and transport spend.

BeMobile is a totally unique mobile offering with no equal.  It makes use of a loyalty program that provides free rewards that can be exchanged into free airtime, free flights , free wine or any item from our online store.

Pay the full price on everything we sell, all at regular prices and we give you all your money back, to buy from us again.

Everything we offer: flights, wine, in-store items, costs the same as other stores, but we include a 100% cash back as reward.  R1 of reward is equal to 1 Rand.

Imagine going to a supermarket and buying R1000 worth of stuff, then receiving a coupon to buy for another R1000.  This is what BeMobile offers its loyalty customers.

BeMobile has a mobile solution to reduce mobile costs..

  1. Use the free rewards for the lowest cost prepaid in RSA.
  2. Use the free rewards at our partner shops.
  3. Use the free rewards for free items from our online store.

The more that is spent through us, the more free rewards you will get.

If you are concerned that this is ‘too good to BE true’, why not try us for a while.  You could always cancel anytime, especially when you get tired from all this flying or talking for free.

Why is BeMobile unique?

Our loyalty program opens up a world of genuine savings for you.  Your access to 100% rewards, provides for free mobile costs, free wine or free shopping.

BeMobile also has other unique features.

  • Does not charge out-of-bundle fees (OOB) whatsoever.
  • Your cash back never expire.
  • Does not limit you on how much cash back you can earn. The more you buy the more cash back you will receive.
  • Gives 100% cash back reward on all purchases that cost the same elsewhere.
  • Allows you get two items for the price of one, by using your free cash back.
  • Supplement your mobile spend, with cash back from non-mobile purchases.
  • Shares profitability with customers and therefore provides great rewards and low data rates.

Who else does this? Only at BeMobile!

BeMobile Loyalty Club Options

Loyalty fee per monthR30
Rewards on Airtime
& data purchase
100% Cash back
Pay R100, receive R100 cash back
Rewards on BeMobile store purchases
of 1000+ items
100% Cash Back
Pay R500, receive R500 cash back
Swap Cash back for Real CashYes
Use Rewards to swap for
airtime or data
Use Rewards to swap for
anything from Online store
Does Cash Back ever expire?No
Out of Bundle feesNone
Mobile SimFull Cell C network *
Roaming with MTN
Three-in-one Sim
Keep your existing number.
Port for free
Payments for airtime and other purchases.Debit & credit cards*
Group Sim cards for SMME's
and Families
Referral fee for each
successful referral
* See FAQ'a and T&C for more information

Airtime and data rates using your free cash back.

 AirtimeData 100MBData 300MBData 500MBData 1GBData 2GB
Full priceR1.79 / minR30.00 or
R90.00 or
R105.00 or
R179.00 or
R350.00 or
Immediate 100%
Cash back

89.5c / min

R15.00 or
R45.00 or
R52.50 or
R89.50 or
R175.00 or
Add another 50%
Free cash back

71.6c / minR12.00 or
R36.00 or
R42.00 or
R71.60 or
R140.00 or
Add another 100%
Free cash back
59.7c / minR10 or
R30.00 or
R35 or
R59.67 or
R116.67 or
Add another 200%
Free cash back
44.8c / minR7.50 or
R22.50 or
R26.25 or
R44.75 or
R87.50 or
Add another 400%
Free cash back
29.8c / minR5.00 or
R15.00 or
R17.50 or
R29.83 or
R58.33 or

The above rates are when free rewards are used to supplement your mobile spend.  The more free cash back that is used, the cheaper airtime/data become.

How can pay R60 and get 2GB or less than 3c/MB?

Buying R60 of airtime, you will also receive a free R60 cash back reward.  By using this free R60 cash back as airtime, you now have R120 airtime.  Add another R230 of cash back that you received free from non mobile spend. Now you have R350 of airtime, which can used to swap for 2GB of data.  So R60 bought you 2GB of data.

Earn free on all our items, and these free rewards can then be swapped into a lot of data.

If you buy an item from our store for R720 and spread the R720 cash back over 12 months or R60 pm, to buy data.  Then just R15 per month actual airtime purchase plus the R60 cash back ( which you received for free) is enough for 300MB, every month for a year. So R15 gives you 300MB at 5c/MB, where can you get a better deal?

BeMobile‘s innovative loyalty program provides free rewards on 1000’s of items, all at 100% of the value you paid.

  1. Keep your old phone number or request a new number, when joining.
  2. Pay a monthly loyalty fee, which can be cancelled at any time, to receive your unheard of benefits.
  3. Earn rewards from an increasing number of partners, including, flights, bus trips, wine, and 1000’s of online store items.
  4. Receive 100% back on all your spend, with no limit to how much you can earn. 
  5. 1 Cash Back point is equivalent to 1 Rand.
  6. Spend your cash back at the increasing number of partners, including for flights, bus trips, wine and 1000’s of our online items.
  7. Your cash back will never expire.
  8. Use your free cash back as airtime for the lowest prepaid rates in RSA.
  9. Receive a referral reward for each successful referral.  
  10. Swap your cash back for into real cash to pay for fuel, groceries etc.

BeMobile is increasing the number of partners, rewards can be earned and spent on. 

Start your new adventure today – being rewarded for buying items at similar prices, but at 100%.  Nobody else does this.  Cut you phone bill, flight cost, wine purchases, and 1000’s of other items in half., for only R30 per month.

Coming soon.

All BeMobile clients will soon be able to receive 100% back on any wine purchase as cash back..

For a nominal fee, BeMobile clients can join the Aetas Wine club and receive all the money back on selected wines. You can then use your cash back to order another case of the selected wine.  Even if you don’t want to join the wine club, you will still receive 10% cash back on your wine purchase.

The Aetas wine club will offer the most aggressive wine price offering in RSA.

  • 50% commission for Freelancers.
  • 10% cash back for our Mobile clients
  • 100% cash back for Wine club clients.
  • All wines at retail price or less.
  • Use your free cash back for more airtime, in-store items or another case of wine.

If you are interested in becoming a freelancer, we will offer you all the tools needed to promote the wine as well as a wine platform to promote from. Promote to a friends or family, and receive 50% of value of the sale, as commission.

Where else can you recommend a good deal, use your wine knowledge, and still 50% as commission?

Send a mail to  if you are interested in becoming a Freelance wine seller and we will send you a preliminary information pack.  We will be up and running soon and those who have made contact with us, will be afforded the opportunity to register first.

BeMobile offers mobile phones with a 24 month term. So instead of the traditional monthly airtime, we provide a lump sum of cash back.  Manage this cash back over the period of the contract or top it up , now and then.

For example, some phones come with R10,000 cash back.  If R358 of this cash back is used per month, it will be enough to provide for 100 minutes and 1GB, every month , for almost 28 months. This is great for parents who can then manage airtime usage from the group profile.

As a loyalty club member, you can still purchase airtime, and receive 100% cash back on this and all online purchases.


BeMobile allows you to create groups to pool all the rewards, as well as manage all sim cards from one platform.

  • Small businesses and families can use this functionality by using rewards received to where it is needed most as well as pay for top-ups from one central location.
  • Parents can recharge and manage mobile spend from the comfort of there home or phone.
  • Parents, Companies or any small group can benefit from this.  Manage the purchase of airtime from one portal and also distribute the free cash back where needed.
  • Parents can manage their children’s airtime from the comfort of there desktop or tablet.
  • Businesses can manage the purchase of airtime from one platform and use the cash back more effectively to reduce mobile costs.

BeMobile‘s loyalty offering provides, by far, the lowest data bundles rates under 3GB with options to get more data for free. BeMobile also understands that data is an essential communication tool for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and has this simple prepaid offering, which includes the following:

  • Extremely low data rates
  • Free rewards that can be converted into more free data
  • No out-of-bundle fees
  • Great network coverage
  • Able to get more from your money in the form of BeMobile rewards for free data and flights
  • A portion of all income is donated back to the Deaf community

By selecting this specific “Gives Back” sim card , you will receive the full benefits of the BeMobile‘s loyalty program, but at no cost to you, a portion of all airtime purchased will be given back to the Deaf. This “Give Back” option is open to all who would like to support the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in South Africa.

Buy your Sim card here and support our Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

With us you always get all your money back on everything you buy through us.

Loyalty programs come in various shapes and sizes, some offer a small discount, others offer much larger discount.  Some charge a participation fee, some don’t. Some provide Points, others provide for discounts on your purchase.

When it comes to rewards on Prepaid airtime & data, it all sound great, but are often only valid for a few days, if not a few hours. And if you don’t use it, you lose it.

With BeMobile, not only will you never lose your rewards, but your rewards will never expire or diminish is value.

By being part of our mobile loyalty program, you will pay the full full price for airtime or anything else we offer, we will then reward you immediately with the same value in Cash Back, to spend how you want.

R1 of your spend equals R1 of Cash back.  So R100 cash back gets you R100 of airtime.

So if you pay the full price for airtime, we will reward you with the same value in cash back, to use when you want.  Convert your cash back to airtime and you will have double the amount of airtime or data, making the the best value deal fro prepaid.

Buy any one items and your will get enough rewards for a second one.  Or use your rewards as free airtime.

Double your airtime with every top up.

Online purchases will also get you another 100% for free.  Use your rewards for a second item, lots of airtime or save it for later.  Your choice.

We only offer 100% rewards with no limits to how much you may purchase.

Your 100% reward will also never expire.

So 100% at full price, will really get you 100% back.


All re-sellers of BeMobile sim cards, will receive the following

  • 5% of all future airtime of all sim cards referred, as cash back.
  • 50% of the value of the wine sold as cash back.

Re-Sellers need to be a BeMobile member first, then register as  re-seller.  Only a limited number of re-sellers will be allowed and all re-sellers will be tested on there understanding of BeMobile’s unique offering.

There are conditions to being a re-seller, you need to be over 18.  You need to be part of BeMobile and you also need to refer at least one new sim card every 12 months to receive your commission.

Airtime commission is based on airtime recharges only.  It will be transferred to the re-sellers cash back account on a monthly basis within 15 days of month end.

Commission from airtime is on average between R1000 and R2000 for 100 sim cards.

Refer any questions to

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