BeMobile’s Loyalty Reward program.


In today’s very competitive mobile market, BeMobile has found a way to dramatically decrease your mobile spend in a simple and uncomplicated manner.  BeMobile does not compete on pricing with other networks, but rather provides a loyalty program with substantive rewards that lower the overall prepaid costs.  BeMobile’s prepaid offerings coupled with its rewards program offer rates far lower than other prepaid operators and are very competitive compared to most post-paid contracts, but without any of the long term financial contractual obligations.

BeMobile will show how it is possible to:

  • get more airtime or data on than what you current spend on your prepaid account or
  • Save more with BeMobile than on a post paid contract, or
  • Never have to pay for airtime, just use your free cash back to top up…

In order to reduce airtime costs, BeMobile has a loyalty program that will:-

  • Be relevant to your daily mobile needs and Be a genuine saving for you.
  • Be easy to understand.
  • Be simple and uncomplicated in redeeming the rewards.
  • Be substantive in its rewards, and to Be quick to reward you.
  • Be innovative in its rewards program and to Be relevant to your lifestyle


These substantive rewards, which we refer to as Cash back, can be redeemed in one of three ways.

  1. Provide you with free airtime/data onto your prepaid mobile account. The more free cash back you convert into airtime/data, the cheaper your airtime be
    • On every airtime purchase, you receive cash back, by just using this cash back, BeMobile’s data rates are the most competitive under 2GB. Data less than 500MB is about 2-3 cheaper than most other operators, if not more.
    • By adding a small amount of your other cash back, airtime becomes cheaper than a landline and data cheaper than a 20GB bundle.
    • Just using your free cash back, and you can have totally free airtime or data.
  2. By buying though our online store, which will soon include air flights, the cash back will be redeemable on a R1.00 for R1.00 basis. In other words, R1000 of cash back can buy you R1000 from our website.
  3. Your rewards can be used to buy groceries, fuel or converted into real cash by having it transferred to your provided debit card.

BeMobile’s Loyalty reward program is unique and innovative and a win-win for cash strapped consumers who will ultimately benefit from reduced mobile expenses or will receive far more airtime / data than ever before.


How can this Loyalty program reduce your mobile spend?


BeMobile offers Cash back on all online purchases.  There are hundreds of affordable products to choose from, all at very reasonable prices. To counter any concerns that products are overpriced, in order to offer these substantial cash backs, all price comparative sites will confirm that, in most cases, our prices are more or less the same as those offered elsewhere.

Currently our online store included the following:

  • Airtime
  • Specials with really good rewards
  • A Bags section, that includes Handbags, Jansport and Punch Neoprene bags
  • Drones
  • Homeware with Bedding, Pewter Homeware and Towels
  • Kids & babies sections for Baby, Baby & Toddler, Kids and Stephen Joseph Ranges
  • Melissa and Doug with Creating, Entertainment, Puzzles, Stickers & Stamps, Toys & Games and Travel & Outdoors
  • Electronic and Outdoor lighting accessories
  • Men’s’ Hats, Sneakers, Watches, Tracksuits and Shoes
  • Women’s Accessories, jewellery, sneakers, hats, Jackets, Watches and Shoes.
  • Airline flights will be added soon


All of the above items, have cash back equal to that of the selling value.  In other words, if you buy any one of the following items

  • Airtime for R100
  • Nike shoes for R1200
  • Men’s shoes for R450
  • Ladies jacket for R850
  • Towels for R275
  • Drone for R8000
  • Airline ticket for R1000

You will receive that same value, as cash back.

We also offer approved contract phones, including iPhones, with a cash back of R10, 000.

For partner accounts like Winemoola, ordering your wine through BeMobile, will give you 10% of the wine order as cash back.  BeMobile is seeking to add relevant partners that will provide you with cash on every purchase.

Below we will illustrate how a small amount of Cash Back say just R600 per year, can provide you with an additional R50 per month to supplement your mobile expenses.

The matrix below shows how utilizing your free cash back can reduce all call and data rates. With little input, one can phone for less than a landline or get small data bundles for less than most 20GB packages.

  • Row 2 illustrates a monthly expense of R70 for airtime. The R70 loyalty cash back together with your R70, gives a total of R140 which can be used either for airtime of about 78 min or 600MB of data. These rates equate to R0.90/min for airtime or 12c per MB for data.  You will not find many prepaid bundles under 2GB for 12c /MB. Compare this to a prepaid data bundle of R12 for 30MB with out of bundle rates.  BeMobile does not charge out of bundle fees at all.
  • Row 4 illustrates where you use R50 of your cash back to supplement your monthly phone expense of R100, which can get you provide you with either 140 min or 1.2 GB of data ( or a combination of 40min & 1GB of data or 81min & 500MB). This data price of 8c/MB is comparable to the rate of most other 5GB bundles.
  • Row 6 illustrates the use R200 of your cash back to supplement your mobile expense R100pm. This can provide either 223 min or 2.1GB ( or 187min and 1GB of data).  Airtime cost 45c/min or 5c/MB.  At these rates it is cheaper to use your mobile phone than a landline, all still at only R100 pm.
  • Row 8 can give you 3.2GB at 3c / MB or airtime at 30c/ min. Still only R100 pm but with four times more cash back.
  • Row 9 and 10 is where you just use your free cash back to swap for airtime and it does not cost you anything.

From the matrix and notes, it is clear that by adding a small amount of your cash back to your monthly mobile account, data and airtime costs become extremely cost effective, even for those who only spend R50-R60 pm on prepaid.  Monthly phone expenses of R100 pm coupled with just R200pm of free cash back ( or R2400 annually) can easily compete with most post-paid contract deals that offer far less data and minutes, but without the long term contractual obligations and higher costs associated when bundles are exceeded.

As a BeMobile client, you don’t need to supplement your airtime from cash back.  You can use the free cash back to buy from our online store or decide not to use the store at all.  Just the free cash back from airtime will provide rates cheaper than most other prepaid operators (see row 2 from matrix where airtime is at 90c min and data at 12c /MB).

BeMobile does not charge an ‘out of bundle fee’.  Out of bundle fees generally increases mobile costs, especially for those who regularly run out of data.  Although these fees are disclosed by all networks, it is still an unnecessary expense, which in our opinion, exploit prepaid clients and therefore was removed.  We are the first network operator to do so.

With our very competitive data bundle rates, you will not need larger bundles for better rates.  Pay the same rate for 500MB as others would pay for 5GB.  When further discounted, pay the same rate for 500MB as what others would pay for 20GB

Mobile phone are becoming cheaper and are lasting longer, if don’t need to upgrade your post-paid account, try using your existing phone on our prepaid offering, then use your monthly savings and save towards a phone of your choice.  We also offer decent deals with R10,000 cash back on most phones.

In Conclusion

BeMobile’s cash back is an integral part in our loyalty and mobile offering.  With our ever increasing product offering, we will interact with you for ideas on what to products to offer on our site, with cash back.

Our loyalty program lowers airtime and data rates by

  • Being relevant to your daily mobile needs and Being a genuine saving to you.
  • Being easy to understand.
  • Being simple and uncomplicated in redeeming your rewards.
  • Being substantive in its rewards and Being quick to reward you
  • Being innovative in its rewards program and Being relevant to your lifestyle.

BeMobile also offers a non-purchase rewards to all loyalty members, where we offer R25 airtime on each successful referral as well as R25 to your friend to show that a good thing and to as a kick-starter when they join.

BeMobile has the loyalty program to lower call rates for all its pre and post-paid mobile users in RSA.  It is important to add that as a BeMobile client, you don’t need to

Join BeMobile today for unlimited rewards and infinite opportunities.

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