• Use a portion of your cash back to supplement your airtime spend. See below table of diminishing rates as you use more and more of your free cash back to supplement your airtime spend.
  • Use only the cash back from online spend to pay for all your airtime.  Refer to above table, by using only you free cash back, you can have totally have free airtime & data.
  • Our online store has very well priced items however some may be slightly cheaper and other slightly more expensive.  Rather buy from our store as you receive 100% on every order as cash back.
  • Why buy more airtime, use your cash back.
  • Use your cash back when you need it most.
  • Have a ‘no spend month’ and only use your built up cash back for all your airtime needs.
  • Buy two of the same product, the second one with your free cash back.
  • Receive free cash back on each successful referral.  Refer all you want, it is our job to convince them to join BeMobile, not yours, but you the get free airtime.
  • Save your cash back for someone special.  Like a savings plan.
  • Create a family profile and pool your cash back.
  • Your cash back never expire, so save it for a rainy day.
  • Don’t upgrade your phone, use your existing phone for a little longer and save on our rates.  I am using the same smart phone for four years and it still works well.
  • Use your cash back to purchase a new phone.
  • Start a savings plan through our partners, Layby Café, for a new phone.
  • Use your cash back to buy a flight ticket.
  • Put aside what you would have paid through another network and save that or use that to pay off your car or home.  R50 to R100 a month extra into your bond can cut your repayment term by months, if not a year or more.


If you have any great ideas to add to this list, send it to and if it is good enough to be added, we will reward you with some free airtime.