BeMobile Referral Program

BeMobile will offer various Limited Time Offers (LTO) in a form of a referral program to reward both the sender and receiver with free airtime, but only when the receiver registers, You are encouraged to refer as many people as you would like as you have nothing to lose by introducing people to an affordable prepaid alternative.

The Limited time offer may change from time to time and by subscribing to our newsletter or liking our Facebook page, you will be kept inform of any new offers or developments.

How this referral process works and its terms and conditions.

  • This Limited Time Offer is only valid for existing BeMobile clients on the successful registration of the person referred. Both the sender and receiver will receive the free airtime within a week after successful registration.
  • Airtime will be loaded directly onto your sim card, and not as cash.
  • Non-members can use the referral program to advise people of our fabulous mobile offering, but there will be no incentive for either person despite a successful registration.
  • For multiple referrals of the same e-mail, the first person who sent the sent the referral will receive the reward,
  • The referral must have been sent prior to the registration for this offer to be valid.
  • The referral program is at the bottom of this page.
  • Use your BeMobile cellphone number in the space provided, that way are able to verify if you are a BeMobile client so that we can reward you..
  • Use your friends or family members e-mail in the space provided.
  • Your friend will receive a short e-mail explaining BeMobile and hopefully we can convince them of the superior benefits of our prepaid offer.
  • No contact details will be given to outside parties.
  • On this LTO, the first referral will share R75, R50 for the sender and R25 for the receiver, thereafter R25 each

If you are a BeMobile client, please refer a friend so that they too can also save on their mobile costs.  BeMobile plans to add many more specials, all with substantial cash back deals and the more people we have on board, the better discounts and cash back deals we have for you.

Spoil a friend with free airtime and a better mobile deal.

If you have any queries or suggestions, please e-mail us at