BeMobile’s Give back to the Deaf, Logo.

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Some of you have seen the additional logo that has a hand with the thumb pointing inwards in place of the “BE” in BeMobile and wondered what it represented?

BeMobile supports the Deaf community by giving back a portion of airtime on those who have selected the Specific Sim card.  By selecting this “Gives Back” sim card, you will receive the full benefits of the BeMobile loyalty program, plus at no cost to you, a portion of all airtime purchased will be given back to the Deaf. The “Give Back’ option is open to anyone who would like to support the Deaf, so encouraging all your friends and family to support this Deaf initiative.

BeMobile looked at various options to showcase its “Give back” offer, and our design team replaced the “BE” in BeMobile with the hand that indicates the letter “B” in sign language.  Below is a full alphabet of all the letters in sign language. Each hand-sign represents a single letter and we used this to create our unique logo.



There are about 4 million Deaf and Hard of hearing persons in South Africa.  Social media and Instant Messaging have become important tools for the communication of Deaf and Hard of Hearing people,  but the high cost of prepaid data makes communication expensive.

BeMobile has product that not only provides the lowest cost prepaid data in South Africa, but through it loyalty program can provide free data on everyday items purchased.  Many supermarkets reward its loyal customers through gifts and one retailer now provides airtime.  BeMobile is no different.  By purchasing airtime, flight tickets and from a 1000+ other items, the client will receive 100% back to buy data or anything else, including a flight ticket.  For example, just 4 x 1GB bundles can get you enough cash back for a flight ticket.  Or but one flight ticket and have enough cash back for 4 x 1GB data bundles.

Secondly, a portion of income will go back to the deaf community.  So not only are participants on this Give Back sim card receiving free data, but they know a portion of their spend goes back to their own community.  And for this, we have created a special BeMobile logo for this Deaf Initiative.


Tell us what you think of this logo?

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  1. Retha van der Merwe
    | Reply

    Good Morning!

    I think its a very good idea.

    its originally! 😉

    Like this idea.

    • bemobile
      | Reply

      I also like it, like I said, giving back to the deaf is my goal, regardless if NID or DeafSA want to support me or not ( btw NID have been very supportive), but this is my way to give back, as I was brought up in a deaf home.

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